Frequently Asked Questions about HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web

Hope these clear your doubts

I am running a restaurant? Is this tool right for me?

Definitely yes! Unless your restaurant's business model is renting out space to the hawker stalls where the customers pay upon food/drink delivery.

Also, HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web is right for cafe, hair & beauty salon, manicure & pedicure shop, beauty spa centre, auto service & detailing, bar & pub, veterinary clinic & pet care centre and other service-oriented shops where the walk-in customers pay only after the delivery of service.

Since the customers are already in my shop and the sales is confirmed, what for I need this tool?

Good question! Usually, you get nothing from your walk-in customers but just sales. HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web plays the role in assisting you to take one step further by encourage your walk-in customers to promote your business to their friends on Facebook.

If average 30 walk-in customers share about your business daily and each of them has average 200 friends on Facebook, then there will be average 6000 Facebook users might see your business everyday. Not bad huh?

Other than my business gets great visibility on Facebook, what else I get?

You also get user data of your walk-in customers via HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web such as Facebook ID, profile name, email, gender, device used and etc. You can update them of your upcoming news & offers via email and Facebook ads to keep them coming back.

But what makes my walk-in customers do that for me?

Offer them a discount on total bill. It's a very HIGH possibility they will do that for you because the discount voucher will be revealed only after they share about your business on Facebook. Please experience it from the live demo here.

Also from the customer's perspective: "I have to pay the bill later any way, why not get a discount by just a simple share on Facebook?"

Can I request to give my walk-in customers freebies instead of discount on total bill?

Sorry, the "percentage of discount" feature is available in HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web only. Also the freebies giveaway practice is not advisable because you and your staffs/workers might have the difficulty to trace whether the freebie is given to a particular customer.

Is it a must I give 10% discount for my walk-in customers?

No, it's your call to decide the percentage amount. You can request to change it at any time* (*please refer here for the terms).

How do I know that the voucher showed by my walk-in customers is not carried forward from yesterday or previous days?

There will be a today's date underneath to verify the voucher is valid on that particular date itself only (click here for example). They have to share again on Facebook to get the new voucher.

Do I and my staffs/workers need to tell each of my walk-in customers about this tool?

No, that's not practical. We will send you a softcopy of A5-sized note (click here for example), you print it out as sticker/standee and place it on the dining tables, waiting area, payment counter and places that are highly visible to the customers. They will know what to do then.

I can just ask my walk-in customers to share about my business without using this tool.

Yes, you are welcomed to do so and we also heppi that you realize the power of social media.

HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web is an effective & very affordable offline-to-online marketing tool to ease your business's operation and enhance your walk-in customers' user experience in reaching a win-win situation between the both parties. Furthermore, HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web will auto saves the user data of your walk-in customers.

I need to pay to use this tool and give discount to my walk-in customers after they share about my business on Facebook, it will be a cost/loss to my business.

We would say this is marketing cost for your business. That will be perfect if every of your walk-in customers promote your business automatically without asking anything in return, but usually that's not the case. HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web helps to increase the possibility of your business promotion from your walk-in customers.

Furthermore, HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web charges at a very affordable price.

Why should I pay to use this tool? Will it be better I pay directly to Facebook to advertise my business?

Good question. We are glad that you aware of how powerful Facebook is and so do HeppiDeals. Yes, Facebook advertising is one of the essential advertising platform that should be included in your marketing plan.

You advertise on Facebook is to gain mass exposure about your business and attract people walk in to your shop -- You speak about yourself.

HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web enables your walk-in customers to speak about your business to their friends on Facebook. Consumers are more likely to trust their peers'/friends'/families' recommendations over advertising. HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web is the 2nd level marketing tool to turn your walk-in customers to become your advocates.

Is this a native mobile app?

No. This is NOT a mobile app that you need to install in your smartphone/tablet from Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Store or BlackBerry App World.

HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web is a website that can be accessed via your browsers such as Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Internet Explorer and etc.

This tool requires my walk-in customers to login with their Facebook account, will it violates privacy laws?

No. Once they login with Facebook to use HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web, they acknowledged and agreed to the privacy policy which stated clearly at the login screen (or you may refer here).

If privacy matters to them, they always free to choose not to use HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web.

Is possible the discount voucher will be displayed without my walk-in customers share my business on Facebook?

No, it won't happen. HeppiDeals SoLoMo Web works in such a way that the voucher will be revealed ONLY after users share on Facebook successfully.

My walk-in customers show me the expired voucher, what should they do to get the latest new voucher?

Refresh the browser, login with Facebook (if not login yet) and share again on Facebook.

Would it be necessary for my regular walk-in customers keep sharing my business on Facebook?

Yes, it is necessary. Research proves messages are more effective when repeated and they concluded between 6 to 20 times was best (source: The Financial Brand).

You always can request to change the content of Facebook share dialog* (*please refer here for the terms).

What data will I get from my walk-in customers?

Facebook ID, profile name, email, gender, age range, web access date, device used, operating system, browser used and other secondary information that are subject to availability and Facebook user data accuracy. Data will be consolidated and sent to you via email once a month.

Can I request to personalize the design such as background, color, font, wording, voucher, A5-sized note and domain name?

Yes if you sign up our custom plan and the pricing is subject to amount of work, number of man hours and level of complexity.

Can I sign up one plan only and use it across all my branches?

Yes, you are free to do so. Unless you want different content for your different branches, e.g. Branch A offers 5% discount, branch B offers 8% discount and branch C offers 10% discount, then you need to sign up 3 plans for this scenario.

Will there be any extra charges if I renew my plan exceed the expiry date?

No, you just pay according to the price plan that displayed at our website. However, we will secure the expired subdomain name up to 3 months only from the expiry date.

May I know how to make payment?

Tax invoice will be sent to you via email 20 days prior to the plan's expiry date together with the payment method details.

Will I get any refund if I cancel my plan?

Sorry, it's a NO.

How can I contact HeppiDeals?

You may contact HeppiDeals via online form at or drop a message at HeppiDeals Facebook Page.